The page describes how the Maynooth Cycling Campaign collects, processes, protects and manages personal data.

When a person applies to join the Mailing List, his or her email address is stored by Maynooth Cycling Campaign. A further filter may be entered against their name indicating if they are followers on Twitter or Facebook, if they have a political background or other skillset which may be of benefit to cycle advocacy.

Once on the Mailing List, they may be asked for a telephone number if it is more convenient to communicate in that way. These details are held in a database/ spreadsheet. This data is kept so that mailing list members can be contacted to notify them of campaign activities, and of new posts on the website. Data for members is retained unless members inform us that they wish their details to be removed.

Access to the mailing list membership database is restricted to a small number of authorised officers, via strict access control.

Maynooth Cycling Campaign does not seek payment for membership at present. If members wish to contribute financially to the  work of Maynooth Cycling Campaign, we strongly encourage them to contribute to Details of  membership payments, bank account or credit card numbers are governed in accordance with the procedures of

The campaign has email mailing lists for its newsletter and for contacting active volunteers. Members of these lists can unsubscribe at any stage. Contact details of active volunteers are shared with other volunteers in order to organise campaigns and events.

The campaign does not transfer personal data to third parties, e.g. for marketing purposes.

The website uses cookies for the normal functioning of the website and for traffic analysis.

Members can request a copy of their personal data, free of charge. A response will be provided within one month in electronic form, unless otherwise requested. If a member’s personal data is incorrect they can ask for it to be corrected. They can also request that their data is deleted. All of these requests should be sent to .

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