Cycling for All

Cycling for All

Maynooth Cycling Campaign has joined the Cycling for All campaign in support of high quality cycling infrastructure. Cycling has a positive impacts on 11 of the 15 UN sustainable development goals and Irish political parties of all persuasions have called for increased cycling to remedy a range of problems in society ranging from congestion, to unhealthy communities, to environmental problems and to climate change. Despite central government and local authorities providing cycle infrastructure for nearly twenty years, the level of cycling is in 2019 is approximately the same as it was in 2000.

Why is this? Learning from  places where intervention by government has succeeded in increasing cycling, there are two main reasons – provision of adequate funding and high quality infrastructure. Maynooth Cycling Campaign, in partnership with, already campaigns in favour of increased funding through the #Allocate4Cycling campaign. Now as part of Cycling for All, we are joining a campaign which primarily focuses on quality.

The main elements include

  • Space
  • Priorityfor All
  • Continuity and Quality
  • Permeability
  • Contra-flow for cycling
  • Integration and connectivity

Further information on the above is available at .

The campaign also looks for funding for walking and cycling amounting to at least 20% of the national capital transport budget every year. This is in accordance with the recommendation of the United Nations Environment Programme and is in line with the #Allocate4Cycling target of 10% of capital funding for cycling.

Maynooth Cycling Campaign urges all members, if they have already not done so, to sign the Cycling for All petition at . We will also be contacting councillors and prospective councillors asking them to sign up to the principles of Cycling for All.