Stop Climate Chaos

Mission and Members
Stop Climate Chaos is a coalition of some 29 civil society organisations (including and by extension Maynooth Cycling Campaign) campaigning to ensure Ireland does its fair share to tackle the causes and consequences of climate change. Current members include development, environmental, youth and faith based organisations such as Maynooth based Trócaire and Concern and also An Taisce who is one of our main supporters.

That Ireland makes a rapid and just transition to a carbon free future.

Our Strategic Objectives 2017-2022
1. Influencing policy
That Irish government policies are informed by civil society perspectives and based on climate science, equity and justice.

2. Engaging the public
That public opinion and public debate in Ireland reflect the scientific consensus on climate change.

3. Growing Ireland’s climate movement
That Ireland has a strong, diverse and vibrant climate movement.

Our Campaign Objectives
Stop Climate Chaos members collaborate to campaign for

  • The European Union to adopt targets and policies in the line with the Paris Agreement to hold “the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2C above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5C”.
  • Political leadership to begin Ireland’s transition to a carbon-free future, starting with the promised National Dialogue and including a National Mitigation Plan that includes policies and measures in line with our fair share of climate action.
  • The phasing out of fossil fuels for electricity generation in Ireland and a rapid and just transition to a community-centred, carbon-free energy system that leaves no one behind.
  • Divestment from fossil fuels, starting with public money in the Irish Strategic Investment Fund and flagship institutions such as universities.
  • Coherence between Ireland’s policies on foreign aid, trade and development, including contributing our fair share to the Green Climate Fund to help vulnerable countries cope with climate change.

Stop Climate Chaos engages and mobilises the Irish public to take personal and political action in support of these common objectives. Within this shared framework our members will promote their own approaches to aspects of the challenge ahead.


On December 5th 2018, the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition in Ireland facilitated a day of meetings between constituents and their TDs in Buswells Hotel Dublin. The objective was to ask TDs to sign a letter to the Richard Bruton, the new Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment. A total of 91 TDs and 5 senators visited Buswells including North Kildare TDs James Lawless, Bernard Durkan and a representative of Frank O’Rourke. Maynooth Cycling Campaign participated in the lobbying.