Kildare County Council
• Submission on LIHAF Maynooth Ring Road (Jun 2019)
• Submission on Climate Adaptation (Jul 2019)

Public Participation Network
• Elected as PPN Community representative on Transportation SPC
• Meeting on PPN Linkage Groups (Feb 2020)

Attendance at Conferences/Meetings
• Velo-City in Dublin (Jun 2019)
• Council Meeting (Oct 2019)
• Council Meeting (Mar 2020)
• A Just Transition in Maynooth University (February 2020)

Ongoing Commitments
• Maynooth Community Council – Attendance at most monthly meetings
• Maynooth Newsletter –monthly article submitted
• Monitor bike/scooter parking at Maynooth Schools

• Application to Department of Community Development for purchase of Trishaw (Nov 2019)
• Accepted an invitation to join the Board of Dublin Cycling Campaign CLG (Jan 2020)
• Liaison with local nursing homes re Trishaw (Feb 2020)

WEB PRESENCE (Oct 2018 – Mar 2019)

• Vice-Chair of
• Lead Author on Submission to Joint Oireachtas Committee on Transport which resulted in appearance of cycling groups in front of Committee (2019)
• Meetings with Cycling Ireland (Sept & Feb 2020)
• Meeting with Department Transport, Tourism and Sport re Greenways (Feb 2020)
• Member of Working Group on Transport Funding
• Lead Author on’s Submission on Congestion for the DTTAS Public Consultation on Sustainable Mobility (Feb 2020)

Gerry Dornan,
Chair Maynooth Cycling Campaign

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