St. Patricks Day Parade

Well, we finally launched the Cycling without Age trishaw in  Maynooth at the parade on  St. Patricks Day. That was our goal from last September but although we thought that we had everything in hand, there were a number of last minute hickcups which threatened to spoil the occasion but everything fell into place in the final week – apart from the weather.

The rain held off for the early part of the parade but as we approached the viewing gallery, it turned very wet. We also lost our passenger.  We had planned to carry Peter but on the day he preferred to walk like most people in other groups so the trishaw looked a little empty with only the pilot on it.

We could see that the trishaw received a number of puzzled looks. Most people recognised it as a special type of bike which is what we wanted so we ended up happy with our efforts and a determination to have a bigger show for Bike Week which takes place in May from 13th to 21st. But that is for another day!

When the parade was over, we were even happier when wen learnt that Maynooth Cycling Campaign’s entry was selected by the Parade Organising Committee for the Best Portrayal of Environmental Awareness.

Here are some of the pictures from the day!

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