Cycle Facilities – Not Just a Matter for Adjacent Residents

Maynooth Cycling Campaign was represented at the March Meeting of the Community Council at which there was a discussion of the footpath works at the Celbridge Road.

The question of cycling facilities on the Celbridge Road to the two schools was raised. Apparently, Kildare County Council has prepared a daft drawing showing proposed cycle facilities. (Cllr Tim Durkan informed me afterwards that he would forward a copy.) It seems somewhat dysfunctional that KCC has plans for cycling facilities but are proceeding with construction of a new footpath without any discussion/conclusion of what cycling facilities are appropriate.

The councillor stressed the need to consult with adjacent residents but a council member stated that cycle facilities were being opposed by one of the resident groups. There was also debate and conflicting views about the ownership of green areas and the entitlement or not of KCC to go in and carry out the works. This entitlement was related to the definition of green areas/amenity areas which were defined when the estate in question received planning permission.

Our view is that the rights of different groups must be balanced and that it is not simply a matter for the adjacent resident groups who generally drive, who often oppose improved facilities for cycling and favour the status quo. The needs of the wider population, objectives of the County Development Plan and government policy must also be taken into consideration.

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